Happy region Hansebelt

Here in the north, between Hamburg and Copenhagen, lies the Hanseatic Belt. With the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at its heart, it is not only the natural gateway to the growth markets of the Baltic Sea region, but also, as part of the Hamburg metropolitan region, offers optimal access to global markets.

The happiest people live and work in the Hansebelt, between the metropolitan region of Hamburg and the smart city of Copenhagen*. The unique quality of life in the coastal region and the Nordic serenity are real guarantors of happiness. But work is also an important factor in the high level of life satisfaction in the Hansebelt.

In addition to fair pay and recognition for their work, people here benefit from a particularly good work-life balance: the better the balance between work, family and leisure, the happier people are. The region is also directly (and soon permanently) linked to Denmark via the Fehmarn Belt. And Denmark regularly tops the list of the world’s happiest countries.

As a link between the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Öresund region, the Hanseatic Belt offers particularly high potential for economic development, innovation and quality of life. This unique combination makes the region a “Happy Region”. In order to use and develop these strengths, CAICON is a member of HanseBelt e.V. and supports its activities.

* Deutsche Post Happiness Atlas (as of 2021)
Source: https://www.dpdhl.com/de/presse/specials/gluecksatlas.html