Choose from a variety of products. Starting with giveaways, merchandise products and custom made products.

Why merchandise-products?

Merchandise products are produced for your company to sell or promote your brand message. Work with our in-house full service team to create a wide range of fan products and merchandise.

More brand awareness

Buying merchandise strengthens your company’s brand by buying your products and promotes your brand. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular can benefit from such products by increasing their brand awareness.

More recognition value

Putting your company logo or brand name on products leaves a lasting visual impression on your target audience. This keeps your brand recognisable.

More customer loyalty

Buying merchandise helps create an emotional connection with your brand. For example, when your customer wears a backpack with your brand logo, they identify with your company.

Why a merchandise collection?

Merchandise collections are often produced by companies to strengthen and promote a brand or generate revenue from the sale of products. Often fans and collectors purchase popular products to express their allegiance to a particular brand.

Functional golf set

Design and sportiness combined
  • Tailored design helps to visually communicate your brand message, promoting a consistent brand experience

  • Targeted product design creates products that compliment each other, resulting in a meaningful product portfolio

Colourful collection

Functionality and design combined - colour harmony perfected
  • Perfect colour coordination across all products and materials

  • offers an expressive and coherent collection feeling to your products

Wondering which products are right for your online and offline marketing strategy? We will be happy to advise you in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Why Giveaways?

Giveaways are promotional items that your company distributes free of charge to customers, prospects or employees. Save time with our in-house full service team who will work with you to find the right giveaway that is tailored to your needs and your campaign. 

More cost efficiency

Giveaways are usually inexpensive to produce and distribute. As a result, they offer your company the opportunity to promote your brand or business without spending large sums on marketing or advertising.

More accessibility

Because giveaways are often cheaper, you can distribute them to a wider audience. This allows you to potentially reach more people increasing your brand awareness.

More efficiency

Giveaways are often small and lightweight and can be easily carried in bags or at trade shows. This makes them more flexible for your company to distribute and to reach more people.

Sustainable notebook

Write down your thoughts without polluting the environment
  • Environmentally friendly notebook made from recycled paper

  • Sustainable materials are often more durable, resulting in a higher quality product

Unique luggage tag

For those who love something special
  • An eye-catching gimmick with a creative, colourful and personalized design

  • Attractive design creates positive associations and promotes your brand

Individualized everyday products

Bring beauty to your everyday life with design that inspires
  • Everyday objects are visually enhanced through professional design and targeted staging

  • With a consistent logo, corporate identity and colour scheme, everyday objects are easier to recognize

Why custom made products?

Custom made products with in-house design

Custom made products are  manufactured specifically to your customer’s requirements. Based on 25 years of experience, product knowledge and collaboration with long-standing manufacturing partners, we develop a personalized solution just for you.

More flexibility

Custom products offer a high degree of flexibility in product design. You can adapt materials, colours, sizes and other specific requirements to meet your customer’s needs.

More exclusivity

A customised product differentiates your client’s product from that of the competition. This keeps your company stay in the mind of customers longer. 

More individuality

With a customised product, you get a product that is tailored to your customer’s needs and meets their individual requirements.

2 in 1 Backpack

Combine functionality with a sophisticated design
  • A value-added product combines multiple components in a single product, giving the user more versatility

  • This backpack-bag hybrid is all about functionality: The backpack straps can be retracted and the case can be easily attached to a trolley


In-house production of 3D illustrations

Unleash your imagination, develop yourself
  • Producing 3D illustrations and models in-house on a printer means you can develop products faster and more efficiently

  • Save time by designing products 

Wondering which products are right for your online and offline marketing strategy? We will be happy to advise you in a free, no-obligation consultation.